[Xcb] xinput: QueryDeviceState: changed patches, git-repo for pulling, reviewed-state

Christian Linhart chris at DemoRecorder.com
Fri Aug 29 11:36:43 PDT 2014

Hi all,

I have added the fix for switch-alignment as patch libxcb 4/4.


Therefore the optional-implicit-alignment stuff is not needed anymore,
which are the following patches:
* proto 1/2
* xcblib 3/3
Please don't pull these.


The patch proto 1/1 for xinput.xml got a version 2:
* removes the implicit-padding attribute of struct "InputState"
* and which gives names to the cases in order to generate nicer code.


To make it easier to pull these changes, I have made git-repos with all relevant
changes of this thread. They are available at:


(or browse http://infra-srv1.demorecorder.com/gitweb )


The reviewed-state of the patches in this thread is as follows:

proto 1/2: obsolete, no need for review

proto 2/2: version 1 reviewed by Peter Harris
           version 2 not yet reviewed

libxcb 1/3: not yet reviewed

libxcb 2/3: not yet reviewed

libxcb 3/3: obsolete, no need for review

libxcb 4/4: not yet reviewed


I hope, that with these changes we are getting closer 
to an acceptable solution which makes QueryDeviceState work.

Have a nice weekend,


I have already finished the implementation of the next topic which is
That has required an extended functionality of sumof.
I will post this in a few days.

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