[Xcb] [PATCH util-wm 2/7] Remove documentation dead code

Arnaud Fontaine arnau at debian.org
Sun Feb 9 18:00:34 PST 2014

Gaetan Nadon <memsize at videotron.ca> writes:

> On 14-02-07 04:56 AM, Arnaud Fontaine wrote:
>> AFAIR, it was initially used for Doxygen. Considering that everything is
>> already in place (XORG_WITH_DOXYGEN is being used in util-common-m4) and
>> that ewmh already contains Doxygen-like comments, maybe it could be
>> reused for Doxygen... Not sure though so I will have a look
>> later. Thanks for pointing this out.
> I guessed there was no plan for documentation in the near future. The
> existing file is so old (2005), the chances of it being useful is next
> to none. Just a guess on my part...

Right. I have just apply the patch and pushed. Thanks.

Arnaud Fontaine

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