[Xcb] [Bug 74727] Some of libxcb's .pc files don't list all dependencies as "Requires:"

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--- Comment #6 from Josh Triplett <josh at freedesktop.org> ---
(In reply to comment #5)
> There are more dependencies than just "present needs randr" that are missing.
> The following hack greps each XML extension description for <import> tags
> and checks if the corresponding .pc.in file contains the correct dependency
> (And yes, the code generator turns <import> into an include in the public
> header so these dependencies do exist):
> $ for xml in  ../proto/src/*xml ; do ext=$(basename --suffix=.xml $xml) ;
> grep '<import' $xml | sed -e 's/<[^>]*>\|[\t ]*//g' | grep -v xproto | while
> read dep ; do grep -q "xcb-$dep" xcb-$ext.pc.in || echo " $ext depends on
> $dep, but xcb-$ext.pc.in doesn't list this!" ; done ; done
>  present depends on randr, but xcb-present.pc.in doesn't list this!
>  present depends on xfixes, but xcb-present.pc.in doesn't list this!
>  present depends on sync, but xcb-present.pc.in doesn't list this!
>  randr depends on render, but xcb-randr.pc.in doesn't list this!
>  xinput depends on xfixes, but xcb-xinput.pc.in doesn't list this!
> I guess the best way to fix this would be to have the generation of the
> .pc.in files somehow be wired up to the code generator so that these kind of
> things are done automatically. Sadly the .pc.in files are needed by
> ./configure and thus cannot be easily generated from make...
> Alternatively, "make check" could be extended to do something like the
> above, but in a less hackish way.

What about having a generate-pkg-config.py.in script, which gets the
necessary @paths@ and @variables@ filled in via configure, and then runs
to generate .pc files directly?

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