[Xcb] [Bug 73237] [IVB] libxcb-dri3 undefined symbol: xcb_send_fd results in OpenGL not found in Wine games

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--- Comment #5 from Uli Schlachter <psychon at znc.in> ---
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[...] (No more idea about the issue)
> I'm not so sure about an older version causing the issue anyway, since the
> issue only started after the update I installed yesterday.
> If it would be caused by an older version, shouldn't it have been there
> before?

The update brought you libxcb-dri3 (and likely a newer mesa version which uses
this library). Before, this library didn't exist at all. However,
libxcb-dri3.so uses the new xcb_send_fd() API from libxcb.so. Somehow, your
system loads a different version of libxcb.so instead and things go wrong.

Before that upgrade of yours, all the needed symbols were also available in
that other libxcb.so that must be hiding somewhere.

> In the meantime I have filed another bugreport at Launchpad and notified the
> guy responsible for the latest edgers-update about it.

Thanks. It would be nice to provide a link to that issue (or to a solution, if
found), so that anyone who finds this bug report via google knows where to look

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