[Xcb] [PATCH:libX11] Add RANDR 1.4 requests & events to XErrorDB

Alan Coopersmith alan.coopersmith at oracle.com
Sat Jan 18 22:45:55 PST 2014

Now that Xlib requires xcb to build, would it make sense to generate Xlib's
src/XErrorDB from the xcb proto xml files at build time?   It would save
having to remember to update when extensions change (I just happened to notice
RANDR 1.4 was missing over a year after it shipped, and it doesn't look like
Keith added DRI3 or Present either).

Even more importantly, anyone want to try writing the script to do it?

We would have to either save the ancient extension bits from XErrorDB to append,
or decide it's okay to no longer give sensible errors to people doing unsensible
things like trying to use XIE, DPS, & PEX with modern software.

Once that's done, we could then discuss reusing the code to build the X server's
dix/registry.txt, but that would be adding new dependencies to the X server
build (though one we've long planned to someday have so we don't have to forever
be fixing bugs in hand-written byte-swapping code).


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