[Xcb] [Bug 78140] The tutorial should have a section on error handling

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--- Comment #2 from Steven Stewart-Gallus <sstewartgallus00 at mylangara.bc.ca> ---
Okay, this was confusing for me. There is no section in the tutorial but there
is somewhat of an explanation on error handling in the xcb-requests.3 man page
(it doesn't mention the xcb_connection_has_error part though).

So, my bug should now be: add a section on error handling to the tutorial, copy
some parts of the xcb-requests.3 man page to the section and add information on
handling client errors with xcb_connection_has_error.

I should be able to put together at least a prototype myself but I need to ask
a few more questions.
Do I need to call xcb_connection_has_error after absolutely every function that
gets passed a connection?
Is there a function to get an error string for each error (keep in mind that
one may want to sometimes localize error messages so this is not as easy as it
How do I check for errors with the xcb_disconnect function (I know that free(3)
does not give errors but what about close(2))?

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