[Xcb] [Bug 78140] The tutorial should have a section on error handling

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--- Comment #4 from Steven Stewart-Gallus <sstewartgallus00 at mylangara.bc.ca> ---
I find it unfortunate that xcb_disconnect does not return an error code.

First of all, the close and EINTR problem is easily solvable. Simply, block all
signals while closing a file and then the EINTR error can never happen.

Second of all, an obvious thing to do if close fails in a process is to exit
the process and disable that part of the system but keep the rest of the system
running (that way someone can run a debug console later on and diagnose and fix
the problem or recover data if the system is truely broken). Simply going on
instead is wrong because that might result in corrupting user data. I'd even
rather have the function abort on errors then simply ignore them.

Thirdly, pthread_mutex_destroy and pthread_cond_destroy should not fail with 
errors on proper use of their functionality so they are irrelevant.

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