[Xcb] favorite xlib(or xcb) books ?

Patrick patrick at spellingbeewinnars.org
Mon Nov 3 15:20:10 PST 2014

Hi Everyone

Last week another member mentioned that this list is really for 
development of xcb and pointed me to some forums.

I have tried but other forums do not attract interest in my posts or 
quality answers. I have tried to get things done through self study but 
I have not made much headway despite over a year of effort.

I printed all of the documentation concerning xcb from the main site and 
studied it diligently. I can create windows and write text to them and 
monitor events using xcb but that's it.

I bought two xlib books:
Advanced X windows Applications Programming by Johnson and Reichard. 
It's okay but it did not cover xpm images. I know libxpm is outside of 
the scope of pure x windows but I see it as important. libxpm's 
documentation has no examples.

X Windows Programming From Scratch by Brown hardly covered bare xlib and 
went straight to Motif which I don't want to use.

I have been downloading and copying snippets for days now and it's 
pretty frustrating. Many predate autotools and it's hard to even build them.

So basically my goals are to create simple windows with xpm images and 
to respond to clicks  to those images and to write xpm images to foreign 
windows, I want to add little icons to an ncurses application.

If you could help me find a book I promise to stay out of everyone's way 
! :)


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