[Xcb] favorite xlib(or xcb) books ?

Alan Coopersmith alan.coopersmith at oracle.com
Tue Nov 4 08:17:26 PST 2014

On 11/ 4/14 01:50 AM, Christian Linhart wrote:
> Hi Patrick,
> That's interesting.
> That probably means the somebody should write a good book about XCB, maybe me? ;-).
> As to good books about Xlib, I can really recommend the O'Reilly series about X:
> "The definitive guide to the X Window System".
> These are about 10 books.
> You need at least the following two:
> * "Xlib Programming Manual"
> * "Xlib Reference Manual"
> and maybe
> * "X Protocol Reference Manual"
> I have bought the whole series about 17 years ago and I learned X from it to the point that was sufficient for starting to understand the X-Server source code etc.
> There are probably newer editions by now. :-)

Actually, 17 years ago sounds close to the last edition before O'Reilly stopped
publishing them - I think the last full update was for X11R5 with an X11R6.0
supplement published later as a separate book.

Links to some of the old versions that they've released for free online are at:

But really, there's scant documentation on programming at the Xlib or XCB
levels since most people program to the toolkit levels, that hide so much
of the complexity & hard work from you that it's insane not to use one.

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