[Xcb] How to set/change a property with python-xcb (xpyb)?

Robert Siemer Robert.Siemer-lists at backsla.sh
Sun Nov 16 05:34:28 PST 2014

Hello everyone!

Using Python and python-xpyb

ChangeProperty() doesn't work as I except it to. I tried already 
different length and data arguments, but I can’t get it to reliably 
change/set a property...

Atom 277 exists, Atom 31 is STRING, length values could be correct, too 
short or too long: none changes successful.

 >>> x=conn.core.ChangeProperty(0, root, 277, 31, 8, 12, 'hello')
 >>> conn.flush()
 >>> cookie = conn.core.GetProperty(False, root, 277, 31, 0, 20)
 >>> r=cookie.reply()
 >>> str(r.value.buf())

Any ideas?


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