[Xcb] xinput: make ListInputDevices work, sumof with nested expr, ...

Christian Linhart chris at DemoRecorder.com
Wed Sep 3 04:14:23 PDT 2014

Hi all,

In this thread I'll post patches which make the ListInputDevice reply work.

This has also required some changes in the generator:
* generate calls to accessor function or iterator function instead of
  a struct-member access for fields which can only be accessed with
  accessor function or iterator respectively.

* make sumof more flexible. Especially support a nested expression which is evaluated
  in the scope of each list-element which is iterated to compute sumof.
        <sumof ref="devices">

Due to using switch-case, some structs have became obsolete.
(and due to using struct STR from xproto instead of DeviceName because these
are the same and the spec uses STR)

This patchset contains two patches to remove these obsolete structs.
You may reject these patches due to API-compatibility concerns.
On the other hand, probably nobody has used the structs for request ListInputDevice
anyways before because this request/reply didn't work anyways in the previous form.

You can also get these patches at the following git-repo:


P.S.: The patches are based on the following patches which are not 
yet in the official repo:
* my patches from the the Thread 
  "[Xcb] xinput:QueryDeviceState: full-support: generator and xml-changes"
* my patch in the email 
  "[Xcb] [PATCH libxcb] no typename for nested structs"

( you can get those also at
http://infra-srv1.demorecorder.com/git/free-sw/xcb/20140903-1/libxcb )

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