[Xcb] code-style fixed

Christian Linhart chris at DemoRecorder.com
Tue Sep 9 07:13:57 PDT 2014


Since you seem to care about code-style in a detailed way, I have 
fixed those style-issues which Ran criticized in his last review-post.
(in all of my pending patches.)

For that I have updated the repos at
with style-corrected patches.
(Which created new branches with a higher version-number)

So I spare you from lots of V2 patch emails. :-)
(Because this is already in the repo where 
the changes for updating upstream will be pulled from,)

I have corrected the following style issues:
* inserted a blank after a "#' comment start when '#' was not followed by a blank
* removed blank in parentheses, i.e., blanks after '(' and blanks before ')' where removed
* removed trailing blanks ( just to be sure, I already took care of that manually before submitting my patches. )
* replaced tabs by 8 blanks. ( just to be sure, I already took care of that manually before submitting my patches. )

I hope I didn't forget anything.

I had these corrections applied automatically.
Of course I have reviewed the automatically generated changes and retested the resulting code.

Please tell me if there's another issue that applies to my patches in general.


Just in case you are interested.
I had the style changes made by the following perl-code in my mail-to-repo script:

	## Code formatting:
	#remove trailing space in diffs
	$modifiedCodeline =~ s/ +$//;

	if ( $fileExtension eq "py" ) {
		#add blank after comment char
		#for comments at start of line
		$modifiedCodeline =~ s/^(\s*)#(\S)/\1# \2/g;
		#for comments which start after the code
		#( need to take care that they are not inside 
		#string constants... )
		$modifiedCodeline =~ s/#([^'" ][^'"]+$)/# \1/g;
		#remove blanks just inside parentheses
		$modifiedCodeline =~ s/\( /\(/g;
		$modifiedCodeline =~ s/(\S) \)/\1\)/g;
		$modifiedCodeline =~ s/(\S) \)/\1\)/g;

		#replace tabs with blanks
		$modifiedCodeline =~ s/\t/        /g;

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