[Xcb] Is SendRequest missing some padding?

Christian Linhart chris at DemoRecorder.com
Fri Sep 19 01:45:30 PDT 2014

Hi Alessandro,

Thank you for checking that. Yes, you have checked out the correct branch.

I'll look into this.
Maybe it's easy to fix.


On 09/19/14 08:57, Alessandro Arzilli wrote:
> On 09/18/2014 07:27 PM, chris at demorecorder.com wrote:
>> Hello Alessandro,
>> I think we should fix the problem in the generator with <pad align="4" />.
>> Can you please try if <pad align="4" /> works with my newest patches which are not yet merged into upstream?
>> You can get them with
>> git clone http://infra-srv1.demorecorder.com/git/free-sw/xcb/libxcb/
>> git clone http://infra-srv1.demorecorder.com/git/free-sw/xcb/proto/
> I get the same error I got with libxcb-1.11.

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