[Xcb] Display freeze hanging in xcb_wait_for_reply

Daniel Kuhne dakuit00 at gmail.com
Thu Sep 25 03:21:08 PDT 2014

We are facing display freeze with libxcb-1.9 in multithreaded environment.
We see this freeze when we set resolution of our application to display
graphic drivers performs a flip instead of a blit operation. In that case,
after some frames,
we will never come back from xcb_wait_for_reply() in XReply() inside
xcb_io.c. If
we set resolution not to fullscreen, we do get a blit for each frame, we
never fall into
a display freeze. We are wondering if this a known issue with xcb?

Could you please say how we should provide more information. Where should
we do some
debug prints?
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