[Xcb] Bug#778307: libxcb: Please package new upstream version 1.11

Daniel Hahler debian-bugs at thequod.de
Thu Feb 19 02:41:53 PST 2015

Hi Christian,

thanks for your answer!

On 15.02.2015 10:50, Christian Linhart wrote:

> How urgent is that on your side?

It's not urgent on my part at all.  I've filed the bug after looking into libxcb in
general, and noticed that a new upstream version was available since a while already.

> I am asking because I am planning to merge a lot of pending patches soon.
> I'd rather make a new release after that.

Sounds good!


> If you need a release before these patches, please tell me, and why this is important.
> In any case, I need to get my freedesktop.org account working before I can do anything.
> ( see thread "[Xcb] [Bug 87004] New: requesting new account (for me, Christian Linhart)" )
> Regards,
> Chris
> On 02/13/15 13:29, Daniel Hahler wrote:
>> Package: libxcb
>> Severity: wishlist
>> Dear Maintainer,
>> please package the new/current upstream version.
>> Thanks,
>> Daniel.
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