[Xcb] Bug#751981: Bug#751981: libxcb-doc: manpages not installed

Christian Linhart chris at DemoRecorder.com
Sun Feb 22 02:24:20 PST 2015

Hi Daniel,

Unfortunately we have a procedural problem which we need to resolve first:

There is no debian-directory in the master-branch of libxcb.

In the debian-branch, there is a debian-directory,
but the debian-branch looks abandoned since 7 years, i.e., it is completely out of date.

So, we need to define the general procedure of handling the debian-specific stuff.

>From what I know about Debian, the Debian-specific files are usually managed by
the Debian project in the Debian-repo, and they are not included in upstream usually.

But there may be good reasons for making an exception for libxcb.
Probably due to the large amount of generated code etc.
So I am open to solutions that manage debian-specific files in the upstream repo.

I can think of the following solutions:
1. Include the "debian" directory in the master-branch.
   This will work if all Debian-specific things are contained in that directory
    i.e., not Debian-specific stuff outside of the "debian"-directory.

   This solution requires less manual work than maintaining the "debian"-branch.
   Also, the current head of master will always be available for testing with Debian.

   I prefer this solution.

   The "debian"-directory will always reflect the Debian-requirements for
   Differences between Debian-releases (oldstable, stable, testing, unstable)
   will have to be handled by the Debian-project.

2. Reactivate the "debian"-branch.
    I'd rather not do this because it is inflexible and requires manual maintenance
    for each release.
    Therefore it introduces the possibility of errors.

3. Move all Debian-specific stuff to the repositories of the Debian-project.

I prefer solution 1.

What do you think?
What do you propose?

Am I missing something?
(Maybe I am just not familiar with the current procedure.)



P.S.: I am using Debian personally on my main computers since almost the start of the Debian-project.
So, besides my general interest to support all Linux distributions well for XCB,
I also have a personal interest to support Debian well in the XCB-project.

On 02/19/15 11:41, Daniel Hahler wrote:
> I don't have the fixed package source around anymore (to generate a patch from),
> but it is as simple as adding the following line to debian/libxcb-doc.install:
> usr/share/man/*
> Regards,
> Daniel.
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