[Xcb] how to get window dimensions?

Sam Varshavchik mrsam at courier-mta.com
Fri Jul 3 15:50:01 PDT 2015

Cosmin Apreutesei writes:

> Hi Sam, thanks for answering.
> > xcb_ewmh_get_frame_extents().
> >
> > This gives you the size of each window manager border's decorations. From
> > that, you can compute the rest.
> That sends _NET_FRAME_EXTENTS right? Ok, so I have to get the client
> rectangle, convert it to screen coordinates and add the frame extents
> around it. Now how do I get the client rectangle? xcb_get_geometry()
> doesn't track resizing.

Are you sure about that. Seems to me that it should.

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