[Xcb] [Bug 71338] Application crashes after many hours of drawing

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--- Comment #20 from Olivier Fourdan <fourdan at xfce.org> ---
(In reply to jh4913895 from comment #19)
> Our QA team ran into this issue recently.  Upon further testing, the XNoOp
> test still causes the IO error for a 32-bit program with libxcb 1.10-3 on
> Debian 8 and libxcb 1.10-2 on Ubuntu 14.04 LTS.  I don't see any mention of
> a fix related to this issue in the libxcb 1.11 announcement.

Because libxcb-1.11 predates the fix, see comment #18

> Are there any plans to make a fix for this?

The fix is made of 2 different patches for 2 different packages.

1. XCB needs to expose the 64bit sequence number by an API addition, this is
comment #18

2. Xlib needs to make use of it, that's a separate (bigger) patch for libX11.

But for #2 to happen, it requires an official release of libxcb that includes
#1 (not 1.11) so that libX11 can depend on the appropriate XCB version that
exposes the 64bit API.

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