[Xcb] [PATCH libX11] xcb_io: Fix Xlib 32-bit request number issues

Christian Linhart chris at DemoRecorder.com
Sun Mar 8 07:16:47 PDT 2015

Hi all,

I have started to work on this but it is somewhat more complex than anticipated.
I'll continue to work on this the next weekends, and I'll hopefully get a useful result then.
As soon as I'll have something that can be basis for a discussion ( even if not 100% ), I'll post it here.



On 02/26/15 08:14, chris at demorecorder.com wrote:
> Hi Olivier and all,
> Thank you for the reminder about this problem. 
> On this weekend and/or on the following weekend I will write a different patch,
> as I have outlined some time ago. My patch will use 64-bit request numbers 
> on the communication between XCB and Xlib.
> I have finally time to do this.
> I hope that my patch will be easier to review 
> and will fix the problem in a simpler way than Jonas' patch.
> Then we'll hopefilly be able to get the problem fixed in a way
> that can get positive reviews.
> ***
> In any case I think that such central changes need to be reviewed
> and ACK-ed by core X11 developers.
> Evidence from testing alone is not sufficient
> because we all know that testing cannot prove correctness.
> X11 is used in critical applications like air traffic control,
> so we need to be very careful here.
> ***
> If you have additional testcases for the problem that Jonas's patch
> fixes, then please post them here.
> Regards,
> Chris
> Olivier Fourdan wrote on 25.02.2015 19:04:
>> Hi all,
>> Sorry I'd wish I could reply the original thread but I wasn't subscribed at the
>> time... This is about https://freedesktop.org/patch/34068/
>> Some more people have been hitting this issue and I understand the review of
>> the patch is complicated, but at the same time Jonas' patch have been reported
>> to fix the issue by quite a few people apparently.
>> This patch hasn't been merged yet, is this because it is not correct or is it
>> just that it might be incomplete or not optimal?
>> If the latter, could we consider merging Jonas' patch as a first step, possibly
>> leaving the bug opened until a more complete or better solution is found?
>> Taking an incremental approach to the problem might be better than status quo.
>> Could we move forward with this, even if the patch is not perfect (assuming
>> it's not broken or causing havoc, of course)?
>> Thanks,
>> Olivier
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