[Xcb] [PATCH] Resent patches

Christian Linhart chris at DemoRecorder.com
Thu Mar 19 05:38:11 PDT 2015

Hi Ran,

Welcome back!
Good that you have some time again.

I think I don't have admin privs for patchwork yet.
I'll check that on the weekend when I'll have more time
and I'll mail Alan when I'll need admin privs.

Thank you for resending/adapting your patches.
I'll review your patches on the weekend or tomorrow.



On 03/18/15 11:27, Ran Benita wrote:
> I cleared my patches from patchwork, these are the ones remaining. I've
> fixed/rebased where necessary.
> Christian: do you have admin privs for the xcb patchwork yet? I'd like
> to help review some of the patches there (I have some time again), but
> I'm not sure which are relevant. If you've cleared what you know is
> irrelevant I can look at some of the rest.
> Thanks,
> Ran

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