[Xcb] Bug#733227: Bug#733227: libxcb-xinput required for KF5+wacomtablet/kde-config-tablet

Christian Linhart chris at DemoRecorder.com
Sat Sep 12 09:54:22 PDT 2015

Hi Gregor,

I cannot speak for Debian, but just from the XCB side.

The protocol definitions for Xinput are incomplete and buggy in 1.11.
That's why it is disabled by default.

In the next major release (1.12), the Xinput protocol definitions will be (almost) complete. So, maybe we'll activate it by default then.

If libxcb-xinput is already used with release 1.11, we need to take care of ABI compatibility when releasing the fixes in 1.12.
We have to solve that for XKB, too, so there is no way around this anyways.

One possible solution is to do symbol-versioning for this and provide compatibility wrappers for old symbols, with appropriate symbol-versions.
(like the glibc does it, for example)

I hope we can come up with some automatic or semi-automatic way to do this.

Symbol-versioning will provide ABI compatibility but not API compatibility.
Maybe that's acceptable: If the interface of an API function is buggy, the client-source-code will need be fixed anyways.
ABI-compatibility is important, of course, so that existing binaries continue to work after upgrading libxcb-xinput.



On 09/11/15 18:26, Gregor Riepl wrote:
> stretch is currently lacking a package for kde-config-tablet, as wacomtablet
> is still being ported to KF5. I tried building the package from git, but was
> hit by a missing xcb-xinit.
> Please add --enable-xinput to the libxcb build settings and create
> libxcb-xinput and libxcb-xinput-dev packages.
> Thank you!
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