[Xcb] [ANNOUNCE] xcb-util-xrm 1.0

Ingo Bürk admin at airblader.de
Fri Apr 8 12:28:42 UTC 2016

Hi everybody,

the new xcb-util-xrm library is now released in version 1.0. A big
"Thank you!" goes out to everyone who contributed, in particular:

* Uli Schlachter for the extensive review and help
* My colleagues Urs Schönenberger and Sven Käbisch for their
contributions and ideas
* Michael Stapelberg for his review and contributions

The library is available on Github:

MD5: 4afac6eef59d329e1e08089db8d9bf7e
SHA1: b95436fb976d2479821b31b3782252f30f65c06a
sha256: f6fc70222e5faf6f20e8f87e416859fef664c80ef4381692a0cc6d028fc79216


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