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trebol55555 at yandex.ru trebol55555 at yandex.ru
Mon Apr 18 07:30:50 UTC 2016

Subject: xcb_poly_rectangle width and height

Hello.  I've noticed that xcb_poly_rectangle draw rectangles 1 point
wider than xcb_poly_fill_rectangle.

xcb_poly_rectangle makes rectangles
as in the protocol's description:

 [...] This request draws the outlines of the specified rectangles,
 as if a five-point PolyLine were specified for each rectangle:

	[x,y] [x+width,y] [x+width,y+height] [x,y+height] [x,y]

But in the case of xcb_poly_fill_rectangle, the resulting rectangles
are of dimensions "width" and "height", although the description of the
request it's similar to the one above:

 [...] This request fills the specified rectangles, as if a four-point
 FillPoly were specified for each rectangle:

	[x,y] [x+width,y] [x+width,y+height] [x,y+height]

I'm making a chess board, and I was going crazy when I discovered
this. I'm using debian's 1.10 version of xcb.  It's a bug? it's the correct
behavior and is documented in some place?


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