[Xcb] xcb_poly_rectangle width and height

me at beroal.in.ua me at beroal.in.ua
Mon Apr 18 09:29:27 UTC 2016

On 18.04.16 10:56, trebol55555 at yandex.ru wrote:
> Hello.  I've noticed that xcb_poly_rectangle draw rectangles 1 point
> wider than xcb_poly_fill_rectangle.
> [skipped]
> I'm making a chess board, and I was going crazy when I discovered
> this. I'm using debian's 1.10 version of xcb.  It's a bug? it's the correct
> behavior and is documented in some place?
Hello. This function of XCB sends a message PolyRectangle of the X11 
protocol wihtout converting its arguments. So it is documented in the 
X11 protocol documentation (it is called "X Window System Protocol: X 
Consortium Standard" by Robert W. Scheifler), and the behavior you see 
actually is the behavior of your X11 server.

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