[Xcb] [Bug 98048] libpthread-stubs must NOT provide symbols which depend on actual implementation

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Sun Oct 30 14:23:39 UTC 2016


--- Comment #17 from Uli Schlachter <psychon at znc.in> ---
(In reply to Emil Velikov from comment #16)
> Uli can we please revert fa6db2f9c01 - it's been confirmed to cause problems?

Not really, sorry.

So as I read it, this bug report says we are in the following situation:
- libpthread is loaded
- libpthread-stubs is loaded
- Yet, the stub from libpthread-stubs is called instead of the function from

None of this sounds specific to pthread_mutexattr_{init,settype}. Why would
removing these function from libpthread-stubs fix things and not hide the
brokeness? Put differently: Could the same problem also occur with other
symbols that are stubbed? Put differently: I'd like to understand the problem
before I try to solve it.

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