[Xcb] DBE patch for libxcb

Peter Harris pharris at opentext.com
Tue Sep 6 15:33:17 UTC 2016

On 2016-09-06 11:14 AM, Lars Segerlund wrote:
>  I really would like a comment on this, since I only did the fix to
> compile, I haven't checked out the generated code, and since I did a fix
> for padding I suspect I have a lot more errors, like you say.

Since you haven't posted your current version, I cannot review it. I
don't want to wast your time with comments on things you have already fixed.

>  Any hints for the right manual/place to read up ?

"make check" in xcb/proto is a good start. It doesn't catch mismatched
type errors (eg. you used an "enum" as the field type in a few
locations, which isn't valid. Enums can only be used in enum=, mask=,
altenum=, and altmask=), but it does catch basic syntax errors in the XML.

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