[Xcb] XCB keyboard input

Chuck Pergiel c.pergiel at gmail.com
Wed Mar 8 14:34:30 UTC 2017

I've been working through the tutorial
<https://xcb.freedesktop.org/tutorial/> and everything was going swimmingly
until I got to the bit about keyboard input
<https://xcb.freedesktop.org/tutorial/fonts/>. Pressing the ESC key sends a
value of 9 to the program, which is great, but how did the ESC key get
translated to 9? The section of the program dealing with keyboard input is
listed below.

I can enter characters at the keyboard, but the values that show up in the
program are not the normal ASCII values. I've dug around a bit but I
haven't found much of anything that was very helpful.

If you can offer any advice, I would appreciate hearing from you.

Chuck Pergiel
Silicon Forest
Sent from my Commodore-64 via a US Robotics 300 Baud Modem

P.S. I'm running Linux Mint on an HP desktop PC, if that makes any

       /* event loop */
        xcb_generic_event_t  *event;
        while (1) { ;
            if ( (event = xcb_poll_for_event(connection)) ) {
                switch (event->response_type & ~0x80) {
                    case XCB_EXPOSE: {
                        drawText (connection,
                                  10, HEIGHT - 10,
                                  "Press ESC key to exit..." );
                    case XCB_KEY_RELEASE: {
                        xcb_key_release_event_t *kr =
(xcb_key_release_event_t *)event;

                        switch (kr->detail) {
                            /* ESC */
                            case 9: {
                                free (event);
                                xcb_disconnect (connection);
                                return 0;
                        free (event);
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