[Xcb] Heads up: Xorg repository moves

Adam Jackson ajax at redhat.com
Tue Jul 3 16:11:16 UTC 2018

Hey, if you haven't been following xorg-devel@, we're planning to move
our repository hosting to freedesktop's gitlab instance. This is
basically transparent from the client side, your git urls won't change,
but you get continuous integration hooks for free if you want them.
Longer term, we'd like to move from a bugzilla/mailing list model to
tracking issues and merge requests in gitlab as well, but we're leaving
that optional and per-component.

I'd hoped to also take this opportunity to merge several of the X-
related projects under the Xorg namespace and (gitlab) group, in
particular openchrome nouveau and xcb. Individual subproject ACLs are
much easier to manage in gitlab, so this is also something of a
formality. But I understand if people would prefer to keep their own
top-level project identity, and if this is your project, please do
speak up.

There are also some questions about which repos are worth
migrating/archiving or moving to other namespaces. For details please
see the freedesktop gitlab ticket:


We would like to complete the majority of the move by Monday, July 9,
but can defer any given component as long as needed. Please raise any
issues or suggestions on the ticket.

- ajax

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