[Xcb] Examples on using xcb-util-wm?

Christophe Lohr christophe.lohr at cegetel.net
Fri Sep 28 08:30:55 UTC 2018

  Many thanks for your explanations.

Does it means that processing a checked reply is "more synchronous" than
processing an unchechecked one?
In other words, what would you recommend?

Best regards

Le 28/09/2018 à 09:53, Uli Schlachter a écrit :
> Hi,
> I would bet that the _unchecked() variants do the same thing that they
> do in libxcb:
> With a checked request, any error that this causes is returned to you
> via the last argument to the _reply() function. For example:
> xcb_generic_error *e = NULL;
> xcb_get_FOO_reply(c, xcb_get_FOO(c), &e);
> if FOO failed, e, will now point to the error.
> If you use an unchecked request, the error is not given to you, but is
> instead given to your main loop as an event (via e.g. xcb_wait_for_event()).
> Cheers,
> Uli

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