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Alessandro Sangiuliano alex22_7 at hotmail.com
Wed Feb 24 15:26:27 UTC 2021

Hello Francisco,

Yes maybe I explained bad that parto also because I was writing from a mail software that auto corrected a lot of words breaking something. I just did read again my mail it seems a bit bad how it is written.

As you can see there are two movement session the first one, as no flickering problem , the ones you see is just some lag in video recording.

The second movemeent session is the one with the big flickering problems.

How you can recognize the two sessions:

The video starts, and the window starts to move, when the window stop to be moved, the first movement session did end.

The second session starts when you see the window moving again, and there are a lot of flickers, that with a normal mouse or internal trackpad are not happening. They are just happening with the Corsair M65 Pro that can reach 18000 DPI. I don't have actually another high DPI mouse to test, but i'm pretty sure the problem would occur again.


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Hello Alessandro! :)

What you called "The first movement session in the video" was intended to register some kind of flickering? I can see something but it is barely noticed...



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