[Xcb] Mixing VSync with XSync

Folling coding at folling.de
Wed Jul 7 16:03:59 UTC 2021

Hello xcb mailing list.

This is my first e-mail in this or similar mailing lists, please let me know if I'm doing anything wrong and I will
improve it in further messages.

I've recently started developing my own GUI library and in turn an interface with the X server (windowing, input, etc.).
My GUI runs fully hardware accelerated via OpenGL and GLX. Everything works splendidly. Then I tried to replicate smooth
resizing using the XSync extension, and that's where problems arose.

The problem is namely using the extension in conjunction with the VSync interval.
Not using VSync makes this rather simple. I have one thread where I handle X events, and another thread where I render.
The latter then waits on a conditional variable which is woken up by the event-thread once a resize is requested and
then handles that accordingly. That works wonderfully but I would like to have VSync enabled as it should get rid of
screen-tearing, especially with freesync/gsync enabled. I could of course just run a separate thread at slightly below
the refresh rate of the monitor to add render requests periodically to a queue, but that seems very hacky and UB to me.

What doesn't work however is if the render thread blocks after each render call (which happens after glXSwapBuffer, or
rather in my case after the first OpenGL call after swapping the buffers). In this case the resize, whilst still very
smooth, has artifacts, such as the content of the window overlapping the window's border, or the content of the window
not stretching for the entirety of the border.
I am very certain that this is an issue on my end, as both Qt and GTK applications with OpenGL windows don't have this
problem, even when I explicitly enable VSync.
What I did find wasthe extended XSync mechanism using a second counter:
But sadly that isn't supported by my WM (KDE Plasma, I checked that using `_NET_SUPPORTED`), which makes this not usable
for me as I want to support a wide array of systems. Furthermore this shows that it has to be possible without that
extended version of XSync.

If my high level overview didn't suffice, i.e. if my approach is correct but my implementation is at fault I'll gladly
provide access to the code/repository (it'll be open source anyway).

I would like some input or hints on the general approach that I should take to make the XSync extension (used for
resizing) to work whilst keeping VSync active (which I would like to have to avoid screen tearing).


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