[Xcb] ask for directory of xcb-proto.pc

wangmy at fujitsu.com wangmy at fujitsu.com
Fri Mar 17 01:14:20 UTC 2023

When compiling with version 1.15.2 of xcb-proto, conflict occured in a multilib environment:
file /usr/share/pkgconfig/xcb-proto.pc conflicts between attempted installs of lib32-xcb-proto-dev and xcb-proto-dev

After investigation, it is found that the following setting in Makefile.am:
pkgconfigdir = $(datarootdir)/pkgconfig

The setting for pgkconfigdir in version 1.15 is as follows:
pkgconfigdir = $(libdir)/pkgconfig
In this version, conflicts do not occur in the multilib environment.

Could you tell me why the pkgconfigdir  changed from libdir to datarootdir?

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