spec on "multimedia buttons"

R.T. van der Wal beveke at home.nl
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Well, I think that at least it should be the same program on every
architecture. I hate getting used to new ways of setting the multimedia keys
up when switching between a Mac and a PC.
It would ofcourse be even better if there would be just some kind of
'driver-system' for which you can then load the appropriete driver for you
keyboard, either made by the manufactorer or by a volunteer, so you don't
have to set it up yourself.

And I'm still wondering why switching from PS/2 to USB would cause a problem
with my Logitech Cordless Desktop Optical... It's really annoying. It
shouldn't do that.

That's why I think a common and easyer way defined in a spec would be

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>    Yes, this stuff should be rather trivial to implement in each desktop
> in most cases shouldn't even require configuration.  I don't see a problem
> with have pbbuttonsd running on a mac, and other solutions running on
> machines.  Each piece of hardware works differently and there's no sense
> making a generic solution for all of them.
>    KDE 3.2 includes a kded module that displays OSD notification for
> such as special keypresses and we didn't even need to add a configuration
> panel yet.  It just "works".  I mean, how many ways can you configure
> up" to raise the volume?  Just have a specific daemon running, where
> necessary, to capture the events from the hardware, and then have a
> in the desktop that picks off the events and displays as much or as little
> information as the user or programmer decides is necessary.  It's better
> keep the hardware event processing in a system daemon for multiple reasons
> too.  You can provide access to privileged operations, for instance.
>    I don't see a need for any "standard" here, and I think any attempt
> be futile since hardware is constantly changing.
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