~/.themes [ Was Re: Icon Theme Spec and Cross-desktop Themeing]

Craig Drummond Craig.Drummond at gmx.net
Tue Aug 5 17:00:05 EEST 2003

> This list wasn't around back then. And please stop arguing with me.

And? My point was that we shouldn't be adding more. Why should I stop
arguaing? You want to create a spec that mandates $HOME/.themes - instead of used
the base-directory spec, and using $XDG_???_HOME/themes. Thats the *whole*
point of my argument! That you are hard-coding where something should be,and
haveing *no* flexibility!

> Then go arrange your marriage and stop arguing. :)

Well someone has to make the point! I originally started because I looked at
the freedesktop specs, and found 2 that used hard-coded hidden dirs in $HOME

> GTK+ isn't the only thing with a schedule. And no, if you do one thing
> now and ten later, you won't necessarily get more breakage. In fact, I
> am specifically avoiding that. It also seems rather daft to do it now,
> when the distributions don't have any implementation of the spec, and
> there exists no reference implementation, for something that is supposed
> to cover a lot more than just the dot files in your home directory. The
> issue here is not as big a problem as you make it out to be. People are

If its not a big problem, then fix it.

> going to end up with a large directory listing no matter where you put
> the files, if they intend on doing ls -aF. They'll just see ".desktop"
> or whatever, and start looking in it's subdirectories. 

But surely the idea is that the themes, icons, thumbnails, fonts, and
whetever sub-dirs will be accessed / managed by some GUI tools anyway. Its just
when they do a dir listing in Konqueror/nautilus they won't see as much hidden
config stuff.

> You misinterpreted everything I said. XDG_CONFIG_HOME is *for*
> configuration. I just suggested using it. XDG_DATA_HOME is for

Again your arguaing over specifics - I'm just saying have it under *some*
env var...

> application data, such as themes. You are wanting to solve the
> larger problem by solving part of a much smaller problem. It
> just seems backward to me. Whether ~/.themes or XDG_DATA_HOME is
> used for themes, you still end up with the same number of dot

How? Example:


So I had:


I now have:


Only 1 top level hidden folder.

> > 
> > Well if its under a env var then I can set up my desktop as (for example
> > *only*):
> > 
> > $HOME/.desktop
> > $HOME/.desktop/config         $XDG_CONFIG_HOME
> > $HOME/.desktop/data            $XDG_DATA_HOME
> > $HOME/.desktop/data/themes
> > ...etc..
> You are entirely missing any point of this discussion. And technically,

Nope - you have missed *my* point. Which is why I created the new thread -
as you asked. And I can't do the above if your are hard-coding ~/.themes!
Which is my point!

> proposing to create more dot directories in it. Your discussion has been
> nominally unrelated to the original thread.

Hence the new thread!
> > Yup I've already thought about doing this. For example, I've alread
> changed
> > KDE's code to move $HOME/.gtkrc-kde to $KDEHOME/share/config/gtkrc
> So how about a reference implementation for the Base Directory Spec,
> then? Something we can get the distributions to use for their next
> releases?

For what? About moving ~/.icons and ~/.thumbnails - when I get time I do
plan to change these, and send to this list...

> A lot of people are fed up with dotfiles also. That doesn't mean you

So why are *YOU* creating more??????

> have to reply to e-mails, apparently without reading them, and argue

Um, I have been reading your emails - you just keep avoiding the one and
only point I'm making.

> -- dobey


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