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Mosfet dan.duley at verizon.net
Fri Aug 15 21:28:05 EEST 2003

BTW, I should note I am making this offer in good faith. The results of any 
question and answer session clearing up rumors involving FreeDesktop, XWin, 
Gnome, and KDE wouldn't have to be hosted on my site since it's pretty anti-
RH, which would make some people feel uncomfortable. It's my attempt to clear 
the air by allowing everyone to respond to rumors directly and let the users 
know they are not true. 

On Friday 15 August 2003 12:29 pm, Mosfet wrote:
> Okay, well I hope you guys can understand how the leads to rumors and
> innuendo ;-) There is quite a bit out there. It's not even clear to many
> people if there is going to be a new X server, much less some of the other
> more racy issues such as glib dependence, replacing xlib, is X.org going to
> adopt an official desktop, etc... All this and more have been circulating
> around.
> Again I think it would be more than useful if I could gather up the most
> persistant rumors and you guys, (hopefully!), shoot them down! If you want
> I can start gathering these up.
> On Friday 15 August 2003 12:24 pm, Keith Packard wrote:
> > Around 11 o'clock on Aug 15, Mosfet wrote:
> > > 1) There is a lot of private discussion and nothing public being said.
> >
> > Yeah, it's not my favorite way of working, but I think we're past that
> > now, and really the 'private' discussions were pretty boring phone calls
> > (and included XFree86, KDE and Gnome developers).
> >
> > > 2) Someone I know pretty well said you personally were involved in
> > > getting both glibc and gconf into Keith's X server.
> >
> > Wow.  That would be insane. Independent of the fact that X servers built
> > with 'my' backend (kdrive) are designed to be used on tiny embedded
> > devices.  As I understand it, glib doesn't deal with out-of-memory well,
> > and the X server kinda needs to handle that case and keep running.
> >
> > -keith
> >
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