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Daniel Stone daniel at
Sat Aug 16 06:08:57 EEST 2003

On Fri, Aug 15, 2003 at 11:28:23AM -0500, Mosfet wrote:
> Okay, wonderful, this is indeed good news.
> As far as the XWin stuff, the the situation was this:
> 1) There is a lot of private discussion and nothing public being said.

There were public IRC discussions (#xwin), and logs of the confcalls.

> 2) Someone I know pretty well said you personally were involved in getting 
> both glibc and gconf into Keith's X server.

Aside from the fact that the only X server that you could call "Keith's" is
KDrive (the vendor string is "Keith Packard"), a quick check of the list
archives would've dispelled this.

> 3) I posted it as unconfirmed on my site.

You didn't think to email and check, first?

> I'm very glad to hear you unconditionally shot this down!

Mmh. I was going to send you an email about the same when I got in today, but
Havoc beat me to it.

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