xembed test example, gtk-client sending strange message

Andreas Aardal Hanssen xdg at andreas.hanssen.name
Tue Aug 19 17:20:41 EEST 2003

On Tue, 19 Aug 2003, Owen Taylor wrote:
>If you don't care about accelerator handling, you can ignore the
>GTK_GRAB_KEY/UNGRAB_KEY messages. If you want to interoperate
>with GtkPlug/Sockett, then you can also implement them, I won't change 
>the way they work. 

Right. Most likely this will be something I'd like to support for
interoperability purposes. The accelerator part of xembed is tricky with
Qt too. I'm hoping we can get good support for the whole spec in both

>> I also get no ReparentNotify, the event catch to initialize the client. So
>> my questions to this list are:
>You don't get a ReparentNotify because GTK+ simply creates the window
>inside the parent - 
> application and the client creates a window within the embedder, or  
>                            ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^ 
> reparents an existing window into the embedder's window.

That's a part of the spec that I've missed.

Thanks for the help, Owen.


Andreas Aardal Hanssen

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