[mime-info database] inode types

Jaap Karssenberg j.g.karssenberg at student.utwente.nl
Sun Aug 24 02:20:46 EEST 2003

On Sun, 24 Aug 2003 00:17:40 +0200 David Faure wrote:
: Does it say anywhere that text/plain is the default!?!?
: I thought the default for "unknown mimetype" was generally
: application/octet-stream.


" If nothing matches, the default type of application/octet-stream
should be used for binary data, or text/plain for textual data. Checking
the start of the file for ASCII control characters is a good way to
guess whether a file is binary or text, but note that files with
high-bit-set characters should still be treated as text since these can
appear in UTF-8 text, unlike control characters. "

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