XMMS Second Generation - Comments.

Tobias Rundström tru at xmms.org
Tue Aug 26 21:04:15 EEST 2003

On tis, 2003-08-26 at 19:53, Havoc Pennington wrote:
> FWIW, tutorial docs will hopefully be forthcoming for the GLib and Qt
> wrappers when those are written. What you're using now is essentially
> low-level backend so it only has the function reference stuff and no
> overview.

Is this meant to be interpreted lowlevel API that we use today will not
be stable and that we SHOULD use the glib wrapper later?

How is QT support progressing?

> I would expect it to work fine on any reasonable UNIX (essentially the
> same portability as GNOME/KDE), but you're right it probably hasn't
> been tested and may have trivial issues.

This will probably just need time.


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