Shared MIME-Info 0.12

Thomas Leonard tal00r at
Fri Aug 29 12:47:00 EEST 2003

I've made a new release of the MIME spec:

Download the package here:

Changes since 0.11:

* Added *.pm and *.al globs for PERL (Jaap Karssenberg).

* Added a section to the spec about the inode/* MIME types (suggested by
  Jaap Karssenberg).

* Clarify the meaning of nested magic matches.

* Fixed example (lang -> xml:lang) (Christophe Fergeau).

* Changed 'case insensitive match' to 'lowercase match' (implementations
  were doing this anyway).

* Fixed byte-swapping for little-endian and host-endian matches (reported by
  Jaap Karssenberg).

* Ignore trailing '/' characters on MIME directory name.

What's the status of the GNOME and KDE implementations? We should also
make sure that whoever currently maintain those databases get CVS access
to the new database...

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