CD Burning Library

Sri Ramkrishna sri at
Mon Dec 1 20:03:41 EET 2003

> Why ? We have a program which works and does its job.. Why do you want
> to reinvent the wheel ?

Yes it's a great job if you want to script around it or anything.  But 
it's a very poor library.  For instance, in an app if you wanted to figure 
out what kind of CDR you have (eg manufacturer or what not) there is no 
way to do that except to parse out cdrecord.  So in an app you would have 
to exec cdrecord multple times in order to get all the information.  

Having looked at the code, it's a mess to break it out into a coherent 
library that you can use as a backend.  There is a need for such a library 
and I don't believe it's are re-inventing the wheel rather it's making cd 
burning applications efficient and easy to program especially one that 
thats freedesktop standards aware that can use things like dbus.


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