CD Burning Library

"Marc Boris Dürner" mduerner at
Mon Dec 1 20:17:54 EET 2003

> > Why ? We have a program which works and does its job.. Why do you want 
> > to reinvent the wheel ? 
> Yes it's a great job if you want to script around it or anything.  But 
> it's a very poor library.  For instance, in an app if you wanted to figure

> out what kind of CDR you have (eg manufacturer or what not) there is no 
> way to do that except to parse out cdrecord.  So in an app you would have 
> to exec cdrecord multple times in order to get all the information. 
> Having looked at the code, it's a mess to break it out into a coherent 
> library that you can use as a backend.  There is a need for such a library

> and I don't believe it's are re-inventing the wheel rather it's making cd 
> burning applications efficient and easy to program especially one that 
> thats freedesktop standards aware that can use things like dbus. 
Something nice in stdc++ would be pretty cool.  
Maybe a stream based set of classes? 
Whats the attraction to ugly old-school C? I am sick of yet another legacy-C

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