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"Marc Boris Dürner" mduerner at
Mon Dec 1 20:36:20 EET 2003

> Something nice in stdc++ would be pretty cool.   
> Maybe a stream based set of classes?  
> Whats the attraction to ugly old-school C? I am sick of yet another
> library.   
>cause the "legacy" C library can be easily and quickly wrapped into 
>C++, Python, C#, etc.  if it was in C++, it would never be used anywhere 
>but C++ most likely. 
Wrapping up a legacy-crap-C library doesnt really help. You can write
wrappers for c++ 
libraries too, you know. There is absolutely NO reason to still use old C in
a new project. 
Also experience shows that wrappers are unpopular because they have to be
and suffer from the C-code below it. So If you write it in C its going to be
used from the C 
interface. No matter how "easy" ir is to write wrappers. 
Of course I can not stop you from polluting the environment with more poor
and primitive 
C libraries, but dont expect anyone to use it (especially from the KDE
Hear from you soon in the insecurity-news. 

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