shared mime-data

Bastien Nocera hadess at
Mon Dec 1 21:52:50 EET 2003


I'm the maintainer for gnome-mime-data, and Jonathan got me to drop a
mail here.

One of the main thing that I'm missing from the current shared info,
apart from the already planned inheritance, is aliases. For interaction
with other platforms (and broken setups), we would need to be able to
say that a mime-type should be handled in the same way as this other

I have an example:
	A Japanese Windows mail program sends JPEG images with a mime-type of
image/pjpeg instead of the proper image/jpeg. We need to be able to tell
our mail program that image/pjeg is the same as image/jpeg, which it
will know how to handle.
	At the same time, all the JPEG images that we produce need to get the
proper mime-type, because we're good boys respecting standards.

"Strict in what you produce, lenient in what you accept."

Is that a worthy TODO item, or do people think that it would be
something that could be achieved with inheritance?


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