concerning startup-notification

Antoine Dongois Dongois.Antoine at
Fri Dec 5 23:06:09 EET 2003

Here are a few questions concerning the startup-notification module I
hope someone can answer.
After checking out the CVS module I'm a bit confused since it contains
two folders for libraries that are seemingly similar:
startup-notification and launchfeedback. What are the differences
between these two libraries? I'm guessing launchfeedback is deprecated,
What is the current state of the startup-notification library? What
parts of the spec are yet unimplemented? 
I'm particularly interested in implementing the following design goal
stated in the spec: "put an app on the workspace which was active at
launch time" which I believe is not possible at the moment given the
current state of startup notification (I may be wrong on that, please
correct me if so).
Thanks for any advice.


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