GStreamer on freedesktop

Scott Wheeler wheeler at
Tue Dec 9 14:29:36 EET 2003

Quoting "\"Marc Boris Dürner\"" <mduerner at>: 
> > It's trivial to wrap glib code and GObjects in C++ objects, be it plain  
> > C++ or QT (I've been there. Stop whining about uglyness, it can be done  
> > properly). It's damn near impossible to wrap QObjects in anything which  
> > doesn't already use QT.  
> Its pretty easy to wrap up QObjects too. I have done it once when I ported a 
> plain C library to Qt and included a legacy C wrapper (the whole thing was  
> actually much shorter than the plain C library).   
Guys, as entertaining as this is it's really not all that relevant to the 
thread.  Yes, you can wrap C or glib in C++ and Qt.  Yes, you can wrap C++ and 
Qt in C and glib.  We can argue about which one is easier for a few more days 
or you can just pick one of the 500 iterations of this conversation that's 
happened already and reread that. 
The GStreamer guys and the KDE guys that are looking at GStreamer know that 
the biggest issue for the adoption in KDE is the use of GObject; it's not like 
this is a big surprise. 
However I'd like to point out another "goal" of Freedesktop and one that I 
think has been missed a little lately -- it's a meeting point, not a standards 
organization.  KDE and Gnome will continue to make decisions independant of 
Freedesktop and I'm sure at times both sides will have points where they say, 
"No way, that sucks and we think we've got a better way to do it." -- and 
that's fine -- in fact I would be opposed to it working any other way. 

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