GStreamer on freedesktop

David Zeuthen david at
Tue Dec 9 15:12:38 EET 2003

On Tue, 2003-12-09 at 13:32, Anders Carlsson wrote:
> Just for the record, D-BUS does not depend on glib, it just has bindings
> for it that are compiled if glib is found (It has QT bindings too).

The messagebus daemon does depend on glib; you'll need this one if you
want to have a system or session bus.

In fact, I'm considering doing the same for HAL (have the daemon depend
on glib while the client-library libhal doesn't) as I am getting tired
of reinventing the wheel many times not to mention all the other bad
side-effects of writing unnecessary code (security issues etc.).

This is a good separation because it doesn't impose any dependencies on
software using the client while it allows reuse of production-quality
code that is actively maintained.

It's my impression that people here would be cool with this, otherwise
let me know. 

(For what's it's worth, the libglib-2.0 shared object is of comparable
size to the libstdc++ shared object on my FC1 system, in fact it is a
bit smaller).

With regards,
David (/me hopes that I'm not throwing kerosene on the fire)

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