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Tue Dec 9 18:57:35 EET 2003

On Tue, Dec 09, 2003 at 02:43:24PM +0100, "Marc Boris D?rner" wrote:
> > You are right, it doesn't - my bad. I wonder where I had that idea from; 
> > some old documentation I think; hard to say.. Sorry about the confusion. 
> > In either case, I still think using glib in daemons/servers is sound. 
>  I would stay away from glib dependancies, but in the end all you really do
> with HAL is 
> providing a reference implementation. 

Sigh. The days of caring which libraries were used to build an application
(outside of security concerns) really need to find an end. These prejudices
do not aid free software in any way, and sure do waste a lot of time in
heated discussions, and in rewriting code that already exists and works
fine, just because.

Maybe Glib needs to be renamed to libcext or something, as the G is
obviously used as a political lever to troll on lists such as these and just
piss off all the actual developers. Developers who are using it because it is
an excellent tool and could care less for these battles about what software
THEY should be allowed to use in THEIR project.

If they are anything like me they are plenty tired of bigots coming along
and insulting their software, which they pour many an hour into making
excellent. And on no better grounds than what language it is written in (any
true computer scientist knows how irrelavant the language of implementation
really is), or the fact that they are using someone else's library to save
them time rewriting code that works plenty fine already.

I expect free software will move forward at a very impressive rate by
rewriting linked lists and hash tables all day long. Think how many
excellent linked lists we can all implement!

Here's to innovation and progress through building on the shoulders of

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