HAL and CD monitoring

David Zeuthen david at fubar.dk
Tue Dec 9 20:51:18 EET 2003

> > Disc-change monitoring is clearly something that should just work! 
> > 
> > I see it closely related to mounting removable storage, e.g. a volume
> > manager as Carlos suggested in September on this list.
> Hehe, you mean like the patches I made to updfstab (kudzu) and magicdev?
> http://www.hadess.net/files/patches/kudzu-automount/

Yeah, exactly!

> > I must admit that I need to update the hal spec to mention all this and
> > make the 0.2 release; I promise to do this real soon now when I've
> > shuffled internals around enough. Until then, it's still in CVS.
> It would certainly clear up a few things. I like to have tarballs
> better.
> So I'm very interested in moving magicdev to just be a "I'll mount that
> for you" program, eventually adding a few little featurettes from HAL
> (ethernet connection/disconnection events are nice as well). I'll be
> waiting for your tarball to start and hack.

I'll roll a tarball before Christmas - I've now got the necessary
patches in both D-BUS and udev so things are looking a bit clearer[1];
just a few more internal things, then update of the spec and we should
be all set.


[1] : Apart from all the dangerous intoxicating things in December like
Glögg, Snaps and other good stuff :-)

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