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Tue Dec 9 14:26:30 EET 2003

> > > No, GStreamer still uses glib...
> > > Also, it's 2003, going on 2004, I'm pretty sure a lot of 
> people are 
> > > willing to move on beyond doctrine :) If KDE doesn't want to use 
> > > GStreamer, I cannot make them.   
> >  
> > Ok, great! I can use Qt/QObject now for projects?
> > Thanks, thats great news! 
> If QObject is not depending on QT (and X), why not?

A future version of Qobject will not require Qt, because Trolltech plan to
split Qt.

However, the Qt license is not likely to be acceptable to freedesktop
people, because it can not be used by LGPL libraries, such as gstreamer. I
can only guess that Trolltech plan to use the same license for the non-GUI
part of Qt.

Murray Cumming
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